$lick King

$lick king is an experiment I started back in 2017. I have always had an aptitude for music but when I was in my early teens I discovered Punk and that helped me understand that you can say more than I love you with a song. $lick king is an exercise in my design philosophy of MEMO (minimum effort maximum output). MEMO had always served me well in a design setting and I was keen to see how it applied to not just music writing and production but also the fostering of a character and how far they could be developed and pushed outside the usual scope of trying to get famous. I have written and produced everything on the $lick king bandcamp page. I’d also like to add that there is no copyright on any of my songs and I don’t mind what happens to them now they are out on the web. Attribution would be nice but this music is to be heard and enjoyed and I don’t care how that happens.