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published: 16/07/22 Tunnel vision logo
TUNNEL VISION is a club night I am running at Mosaic tap in Newcastle. The night aims to bring contemporary and curated late night entertainment to the equally contemporary and curated setting of the bar. After the practice run “Wavy-pop, a night of 2016 vibes” I’ve become increasingly excited for the kind of nights we can host at Mosaic Tap. The next Tunnel vision is going to be a celebration of all of the local producers and rappers I know as well as playing similar tracks from independent online artists that we either know or belong to the same cyber circles. Some of the artists that I’ll be playing are:

•Soshin Noel.
•Freddie or Not.
•Lil darkie.
•Lil peep.
•100 gecs.

I’m really excited to be playing these kinds of tunes in the center of Newcastle and I’m so humbled that many of us are going to be in the same room when it happens. There’s also going to be £3 cans on the go again. THE EVENT: Friday 22/07/22 TIME: 8PM - L8 PM.